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Tuition Information:

Tuition includes everything the student will need for the program:

  • Hotel Accommodations
  • All meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Transportation between hotel & college each day
  • Shuttle from local airport

Materials you will receive*:

  • Battery Tester (Fire Alarm Classes Only)
  • Sound Meter (Fire Alarm Systems Class Only)
  • Books and Classroom Materials

Pricing** (contact us for specific deadlines per class):

  • Jumpstart Discount (book more than 90 days before event): $1,995.00
  • Early Bird Discount (30-90 days prior to event): $2,495.00
  • Full Price (within 30 days of event): $2,995.00

* As a convenience to students, and due to heightened airline travel restrictions, all equipment and materials can be shipped home via UPS for the student upon completion of the class. Shipping costs are included in the tuition.

** Price per student. Attendees are strongly discouraged from bringing guests not affiliated with the course at their own expense.

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2017 Class Schedule

November 6-10, 2017 Basic Fire Alarm Class

We're now accepting enlistments for all of our 2017 Inspector's Boot Camp classes. Click the Enlist button below to register.